Our brawling brothers over at Cage Potato have something cooking in their kitchen. And it’s something you definitely want to be a part of. It’s one of a kind, it has to do with face punches, and it’s made just for you.

They’ve been working on it for some time, and now, we’re happy to announce the first ever MMA prediction game called MMA FightPicker. It’s a bit like fantasy football if fantasy football decided to man up and not wear pads and break proportionally way more bones and have dubious Vegas-based business underpinnings. So, basically, it’s much, much better. It works like this: You earn virtual currency called “Potato Chips” by visiting the site, leaving comments, and inviting more players to the game (easily done through Facebook). You bet these Potato Chips by predicting aspects of upcoming fights. The more chips you bet, the more chips you stand to win (just like real life). Of course, guess wrong, and you’ll lose your stash (just like real life). Eventually, high-stakes pools will be established for the “high rollers” of MMA FightPicker with actual, incredible prizes. So get in on the ground floor and sign up today