Leave a Party

Knowing it’s time to leave a party is a talent only time can develop. Seeing the subtle signs littered among the drunken party-goers might seem like a waste of time. But calling it a night at the right time can be the difference between a fun night out and a nightmare of vomit and fist fights.

There’s No More Alcohol

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Simply put when the booze leaves so should you. The life blood of any great party is an ever flowing spring of alcohol. When that well runs dry the party will quickly turn into a ghost town, a ghost town of drunks.

The Women Mysteriously Disappear

Leave a Party Women Disappear

While the goal every night isn’t to get laid. If your primary mission is to meet a woman and they’ve all vanished then you should swallow your pride and pack it in. There’s nothing worse than the desperate guy at a party hitting on the few remaining women and making everyone else generally uncomfortable.

The Cops Show Up

Leave a Party Cops

If the cops show up it’s not so much time to leave the party as it is time to run away from the party. Don’t be a hero and try to explain away a situation if it’s not your house. Leave and regroup with your friends and head to the next spot. There’s always a next spot. Always.

A Fight Breaks Out

Leave a Party Fight

When tensions build to the point of a fight, a bond is broken in a party. The light mood in the air can never be replaced and the party is officially over. It’s a sad truth all party goers must face every once in a while.