Ever get all set for a camping trip, than at the last minute realize there is absolutely no room for your solar-powered espresso machine?

Avoid that tragedy with precision packing! This Tetris-inspired idea allows campers to efficiently, safely and strategically pack their gear before hitting the road or trail.

The following tips, courtesy of our friends at REI, will make your next camping experience much smoother, happer and… more caffeinated.

1. Start out with a good foundation with flat sides, such as a cooler or camp stove, and build up.

2. When packing up the car, make sure all of the things you’ll need throughout the trip are accessible; turn bags so you can get to the zippers without pulling out the bags, put lighting towards the top in case of the nighttime arrive at the campsite, etc.

3. Leave gaps/holes when building your foundation so that you can easily slide out the things you’ll need during your car ride (i.e. Camp chairs for a roadside pit-stop lunch, for example).

4. Unrolling sleeping pads will allow more flexibility when packing, and they can also be used to hold things together.

5. All heavy/hard objects should be packed below the highest point of your rear seat to prevent items from banging into your head.

6. Take everything out to the car before you start packing so that you’re aware of everything that needs to fit.

7. After packing, take a quick picture so it will be easier to recreate on the return trip home.

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