You literally have to be a rocket scientist to design this trailer. Garrett Finny, a NASA architect, came up with the Cricket Trailer in his free time basing its construction largely on designs and materials used in things he builds for outer space. Overkill? Naw.

The made-to-order Cricket comes in two trims – the regular, base trim for about $10,000, the next model up for $14,000 which includes a kitchen cabinet, stainless steal sink,, a folding couch, a 3-way refridgerator, and on-demand hot water heater. The top of the line model is priced at $17,000 and has a folding bed, a toilet, a hand shower, a shade awning as well as heat and AC.

In addition to some of the more luxurious amenities mentioned, this space-saving, lightweight, modular trailer is actually 100% recyclable. While we’re not sure why you would ever finish using a piece o engineering like this, thus allowing for recycling, it’s nice to know after you’re gone the Cricket won’t be sullying up Mother Earth.