I recently changed my avatar to test this theory. I’ve learned in business, you should utilize every opportunity of free advertising. Word of mouth is strong and every mouth is helpful in reaching your goals. The same goes to building a web site. Every eyeball that stops by is a possible regular reader. I have changed my avatar to the one above because it really stands out in the block of “mybloglog readers” on pages that have that widget. I realize soon others will start doing the same thing but for now I believe people will go to my community just because the avatar stands out. Some of those will visit the site. The more sites I visit, the greater the chance they will stop by wallstreetfighter. It’s all in fun and I don’t plan on visiting 100 sites just to see if it works, but I do visit many sites regularly that already use mybloglog. We’ll see what happens. Either way please join my community as I am about to drop off the top 50 communities in the “W” category.