Let me guess: You’re planning on getting the iPhone 7, which was unveiled this week in San Francisco and will be released next week. And you’re planning on not doing much of anything with your current iPhone, because all you can think about right now are those wireless headphones on the iPhone 7, its lack of a headphone jack, its revised home button with force sensitivity, its water-resistance, its dual-lens camera, etc, etc…

Well, before you get lost in the excitement of your amazingly advanced future phone, you need to think about your old phone for a few minutes. Why? Because it could be worth a boatload of cash. We’re talking several hundred dollars.

Yep, that’s right. According to statistics provided by eBay, thousands of folks are already selling their previous generation phones online, and an iPhone 6 has sold every minute on eBay since August 1, when rumors began to swirl about the new model.

Right now the iPhone 6s Plus is going for an average of $514 on eBay.

Based on the way iPhones sold last year around this time, when the iPhone 6s launched, eBay estimates you can earn anywhere from $300 to $500 for your previous generation phone. Here are the keys to getting the most money for your old device.

1. Act fast. Like right now. It’s the best time to sell. Every day that you wait, your phone will be worth a little bit less. Last year around the time of the iPhone 6s launch, devices of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus variety sold for an average of $500 in August, but that dropped to $460 in September. And it practically free-fell in October.

2. Head right here to easily list and earn money for your iPhone. Again, every day you wait, you’ll lose money.

3. Also, relax in the knowledge that your sale price is guaranteed, to some extent. See, if you list your phone at eBay’s trending price and your iPhone sells for less, you’ll receive the balance in the form of an eBay coupon. (Pro tip: Keep the original box and headphones. That ups the resell value a bit.)

4. And expect lots of interest in your phone. Immediately following the launch of the iPhone 6s last year, the number of sold iPhone 6/6 Plus devices increased by 23%. (Oh, and if you don’t want to deal with bidders and everything else on eBay, you can opt for other selling sites, like Gazelle, Sell Your Cell and Flipsy, to name a few.)

5. Obviously, the newer your iPhone is, the more money you can expect. Right now the iPhone 6s Plus is going for an average of $514 on eBay.

Which would buy a lot of wireless headphones.