That’s the big question after news broke that the NFL‘s new collective bargaining agreement may include a provision to drop two-a-day practices in training camp. And according to the Newark Star-Ledger, badass Jets‘ linebacker Bart Scott thinks it’s lame.

“I think it’s wimping out, making football more soft,” Scott says. “No reason to try and make camp easy… I get concerned you’re making football players weaker because you don’t push them past that threshold. … I get concerned with the same thing with the quarterback stuff, that they turn it into flag football; they turn it into little pansy stuff.”

But considering how damn hot it is out these days, maybe it’s not the worst idea. Regardless, if you are secretly training to try to break into the NFL this summer—or doing anything else that requires outdoor exercise—heat stroke is always a risk. To stay safe, check out our Survive a Heatwave tips.

Another safety tip? Never get into an argument—or Auto-Tune rap battle—with Bart Scott.

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