If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, you usually know what kind of statements or topics are going to lead to a fight. But often, some things can take you by surprise. The most mundane task can somehow turn into a full-blown screaming match. It’ll test your relationship when you weren’t even expecting it. Can your coupledom survive?

1. Getting lost while traveling
Have you ever seen The Amazing Race? There’s a reason couples traveling together in unfamiliar territory makes for good TV—there’s bound to be a fight. Stress levels rise when you don’t know the area, and they go through the roof when you also don’t know the language. Do your best to keep calm in traveling situations and remember you’re there to have an adventure, so try to go with the flow.

2. Shopping for a gift together
Finding a great gift for a friend or family member can be an overwhelming pursuit in itself. But shopping together for a gift from the both of you can bring up all sorts of issues. Maybe one of you doesn’t seem to be putting in as much effort to find something meaningful (ahem, we’re looking at you, dudes). Or perhaps you both have very different ideas about what price point is appropriate. Before you get into a loud whisper fight at the department store, try brainstorming a few ideas ahead of time and ordering something online to avoid the whole public ordeal.

3. Deciding what to watch on Netflix
Back in the olden days, couples across the land were fighting in the aisles of Blockbuster Video, trying to agree on which movie to rent. Now you can move the argument to the comfort of your own living room. Because of the endless options available on various streaming services, it can be challenging to find something to fit both of your tastes. Before one of you storms off to the bedroom, try to compromise. We suggest a true crime documentary because who doesn’t love true crime? And make some popcorn—that always eases tension… unless one of you is a loud cruncher. Then you’ve got another problem.

4. Assembling furniture together
For the ultimate couple test, take a trip to IKEA. With the endless showroom, deciding what pieces you need and navigating the warehouse pick-up area without breaking up right there in the store would be a miracle. That said, if you do make it home still together, you’re not out of the woods just yet. Open up the vague directions, spill the approximately three million pieces on the floor, get out that stupid little allen wrench and hope for the best. You’ll eventually turn on each other. Small accusations about missing bolts and upside down shelf brackets will eventually morph into trust issues and you screaming something along the lines of her probably wishing her handy ex-boyfriend was there. Godspeed.

Photo: iStock/Dean Mitchell