You can do many things in Austin, including but not limited to: attending music festivals, watching an F1 race, eating brisket, drinking local beers, swimming in a natural spring, going to college, working for Google and visiting the state capitol.

But you absolutely cannot go surfing. Except that now you can thanks to the just-opened NLand surf park, an elaborate effort that’s combining wave-making technology with lots of open space to create a surfing destination that has no business existing in an area so landlocked.

It comes from Doug Coors—yeah, that Coors—and Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden. And they’ve harnessed a rainwater catching system to fill a 14-acre lagoon with filtered water. So, it’s big. So big that it can accommodate 120 surfers at a time. And those surfers can encompass all skill levels, which is good, since surfing isn’t exactly a common sport in Texas. If you’re a beginner, try the gentle whitewater waves. If you’re with friends and mostly know what you’re doing, try the Inside, which is one long and steady party for multiple riders. And if you’re a pro—or just up for a challenge—you’ve got the head-high Reef wave, which delivers an exhilarating 35-second ride for channeling your inner Johnny Utah.

And since all that surfing is likely to make you hungry, there’s an on-site juice bar and restaurant. So you can start your day with a healthy smoothie and some surfing, and then cancel it out with a cheeseburger and a nap in the sun. It’s all about finding balance.