There used to be a time when I couldn’t. This is my first NCAA tournament that I can sit down enjoy the game for what it is without having any money on the game. I know many people who can’t do this and it will cause many problems in their life. First of all, gamblers never win in the long run. They may get on hot streaks but in the long run all they do is give away money they work hard for. I am not patting myself on the back or knocking people that gamble but it truly is a nice feeling watching the tourney and getting that same feeling I used to get watching the Phi Slamma Jamma and Jordan and the Tarheels. Gambling and Fantasy Football made me root for whoever was on my fantasy team or who I had money on. It is absolutely crazy to watch a game and say I need them to score 2 touchdowns but the can’t score 3 because it will blow the over. Everyone gambles for different reasons. Mine is to make my heart race faster. I love that feeling of everything being on the line and its all or nothing. I quit gambling in every form except the stock market when it got to the point when if I won it didn’t mean anything and if I lost I was upset. A no win situation. I don’t have a day I quit or celebrate my change as I occasionally will put a wager down with friends but in general I am done with it. It is so nice to turn on sports to enjoy the game for the game. If its not a good game I just turn it off and watch something else. My bank account is bigger, my wife is happier, and I can enjoy sports again. The Illini and Alabama still suck though .