Who knew mobsters and drug dealers were so financially savvy?

I suppose it doesn’t take much to realize that the buying power of the Euro these days is a lot stronger than that of our poor greenback, but still, these thugs impress me.

Apparently the Canadian government has been tracking 900 organized crime groups within the country and has noticed a general shift in the means of payment for drug shipments, “settling scores”, and “giving others their piece of the pie”.

The report also noted that smuggling bulk-cash transfers in American dollars has fallen out of style. The euro is now the new baller bill smuggling currency of choice. To be fair, the Canadian dollar was always an embarrassment to anyone’s street cred for money smuggling, but now it seems all the ‘Benjamins’ are heading in that direction too.

And if you’re reading this and saying to yourself, “Canadian gangs? Is this guy serious? They’re all a bunch of wannabe gangsters and hockey players up there”, then some of these other findings might surprise you:

According to the AFP’s report on Canadian crime:

1. Canadian gangsters are primarily focused on the illicit drug trade, but have also expanded into credit card fraud, organ trafficking, identity theft and even illegal logging of Canada’s vast forests.

2. Canadian forests, representing one tenth of the world’s forested area, are vulnerable to illegal harvesting due to their relative abundance, isolation, and the large number of logging access roads.

3. Marijuana remains one of the most trafficked illicit drugs in Canada, and crops harvested there supply much of Canada and the United States.

4. Methamphetamine production in Canada, meanwhile, has risen to meet expanding international demand with several “super labs” set up for foreign distribution of late.

5. Canada, the Netherlands and Belgium are now the primary source of ecstasy to the world.

These guys don’t mess around. They’ll sell you some crystal meth and ecstasy on the street corner then drive a few hours into the Yukon and do some serious illegal logging. Serious logging, as in the old Brawny paper towel guy on crystal meth serious.

AFP: Criminals Dumping Weak US Dollar For Euros, August 22, 2008