Our neighbor to the North wants to lend us the one tool we need to get through this election season.

Jangly guitars. Lots of corny professionals in blue-tinted webcam footage. Lemme guess. Insurance ad? This is so dumb. When can I click to skip? It’s—“Hey guys, we’re just up in Canada talking about how great you are.”

Then my heart melts. I was just about to click on five bait posts from my racist relatives and tell them what shitty people they are and instead I’m getting misty eyed at my desk over this video.

Toronto Ad agency The Garden created their “Tell America It’s Great” campaign seemingly out of compassion. Only instead of some harpy finger wagging about what they really think of socialized medicine or printing out some think pieces about the years under conservative PM Harper, they went a different route.

This is like when your pudgy, out-of-shape track coach who normally tells you all your flaws at practice comes up to you right before the big meet and reminds you that everything you need to cross that finish line is already inside of you. And it’s up to you to reach down and find it. All you need is a little help and a lot of heart.

Not that we deserve it. “As we set out, we weren’t exactly sure how people would react,” the agency wrote in an excellent medium post. “After all, America is far from perfect, and one of Canada’s favorite pastimes is pointing out those imperfections.”

This is maybe the one video you can post from now until November 8 to shut down any Facebook hate war. Hillary’s a criminal? We invented Jazz. The Republican party doesn’t care about poor people? NASA, bro. *NASA* Thinking of voting third party because you don’t think this place is the greatest? BBQ.

“When things are tough,” says one cute Canadian mom. “You fight to make them better.”

All I can say is, Thanks, Canada. You’re…

…You’re. (Say it man. Say it.)

Your hockey players did a great job winning us the Stanley Cup.


*whispers quietly to Canada as the crowd gets going*

“(Thanks, man. We really needed to hear that.)”