Wisecracks about men in spandex aside, road biking is a demanding sport, and top of the line gear can make all the difference on a tough ride. If you’re looking for the one of the most advanced bikes in the world, it doesn’t get much better than this. For the serious rider (or the seriously loaded), Cannondale introduces the new SuperSix EVO Ultimate.

When you’re cruising down an empty highway a la Breaking Away, you want a solid blend of lightness, durability and strength. The EVO Ultimate has you covered, weighing in at approximately 10.89 lbs, but boasting a noticeable stiffness that’ll keep your ride on track. The selling point is the BallisTec hi-mod carbon frame, featuring small diameter tubes that reduce weight and drag. What’s more, the frame is a continuous fiber structure, all the way down to the dropouts.

As mentioned earlier, though, this is a bike for serious riders, and a serious price point conveys that fact. At $12,100, you’ll be throwing down quite a bit of bank. Of course, the Ultimate is at the top of the EVO line, and if you’re serious but not that serious, you can opt for one of it’s slightly less loaded cousins, like the EVO 2 Red. Still interested in the Ultimate? Learn more here.