Five Movie Makers are a YouTube collective that makes sick action sequences with Legos and Hot Wheels. Sounds pretty cool, right? Now check out what happens when they strap a GoPro to a toy car.

This is the closest an adult male can get to feeling like a kid again without getting a sneak peak at the next Star Wars… ssssSCHOOOM!

Oh man this must be killer on your Google Cardboard. They even show you how they made the toy plastic jumps and my stomach still drops when time slows and the landing turns into a real nail-biter.

The secret is mounting a squat, compact GoPro Session onto a carved out Hot Wheels car and using the frame and chasis as a tiny dolly. The camera ends up sitting right where the (tiny, mythical) driver normally would, creating a perfect first-person shot. It’s basically a Hot Wheels dash-cam. I’m also going to speculate that there’s some much-welcome warp-stabilizing done in Post.

In any case, this’ll satisfy your need for speed—and take your mind off election madness—for three glorious, high-flying minutes.