Take the soul of longboarding – the cement carving earth surfing made famous in Dogtown – and bring it into 2010. Designer Louis Bradier has taken a basic design of the skateboard and modernized its components, materials, and look for the modern boarder – perhaps a creative director making his way down a spiraling parking garage or a guy like Kelly Slater heading to one of his board meetings.

Like every longboard, it’s not made for the half pipe or for grinding; it’s made for transport. Using the hyperlight, stiff material of carbon fiber simultaneously keeps the overall weight of the board down while allowing for an extremely efficient energy transfer from rider to the board. What that all means: you go faster and further with the same amount of effort. And, you don’t look to bad when you’re doing it either. Via Yanko

Technical specifications: Length: 1050 mm, Max width: 260 mm, Wheelbase: 900 mm, Weight: 1.5kg, Longitudinal and torsional flex: close to none