In the annals of product history, there are few tougher sells than a new mattress. Who knows what you’re getting; better the devil you know. But this week, a mattress company called Casper opened its virtual doors and sold through its initial stock in about 48 hours. The company’s demo video went semi-viral, playing to an audience that disdains mattress salesmen (that is, most sentient beings) and flaunting some wow factor (if anyone can recall that term being used in the context of a mattress commercial, let us know). A Casper is shipped in a 22″x42″ box that weighs about 50 pounds. Once unpacked, it expands to full size within seconds. Sciencey!

Casper’s brothers of reinvention are young; three-fifths of its exec team is under 30. We stopped by their office in downtown NYC and tested the bed out—the foam was sturdy but conformed to your body within a minute. The memory-foam core is topped with an aerated latex foam to avoid the sweaty-torture-rack feel of a Tempur-Pedic, and it’s allergen free. The pleasant feel and price ($750 for a full, $850 for queen size) put it on our shortlist once our current mattress dies (they say you’re supposed to replace yours every 5 to 7 years, and we’re pushing a decade). If you’re curious but fear commitment, the company offers a money-back return policy within 40 days.

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