Written with information from this AP article. When a business has a great year, they reward their employees with bonuses and raises. My favorite show on TV, Lost, has rewarded their actors with generous pay raises to thank them for making the show a critical and financial success. The DVD from last year is already the second best TV show DVD of all time and the downloads are by far the most downloaded show on TV, single handidly making the video ipod a success. Most watchers are like me, addicted watchers that never miss an episode. Lost actors were previously making $20,000 to $40,000 an episode and most were pretty happy to have that kind of income when they originally signed for the series. Now that it is a hit, they are all major stars and deserve to be paid as such. As the case with all series, the actors all signed long term contracts but as we all know their contract might not be long term. The writers have taken a liking to killing off main characters. This gave them a bit of leverage in negotiations but Touchstone, which produces the show, is smart enough to know a good thing when they have it. Although not official, I believe Lost takes in 9-10 million in advertising per episode if they get the same amount as Desperate Housewives. Rumor has it that this is the first pay increase for the actors with all cast receiving an extra bonus pay of a “free” episode at the end of last year. Again unproven but rumored is the Fact that Matthew Fox, who plays Jack, got some extra pay and bonus. Jack is the main character and really is who the show revolves around. It’s so ironic that the the same thing that pays the characters are the things I hate most about the show, commercials. I guess if you want the bus to keep running somebody has to pay for the gas. If you want to know anything and everything about Lost you really need to go to the number one lost website lost-tv.com.