Instagram hottie Jena Frumes may look like she’s a catch in her super-sexy social media photos, but if you ask NFL star, Steelers’ Antonio Brown about her, he’ll probably tell you to stay far away.

He reportedly got some of that after a split from his then-pregnant girlfriend a while back. All was good until he eventually said that God directed him to return to the mother of his child, and he kicked the Instagirl to the curb.

Not surprisingly, Frumes did not take God’s plan in stride and proceeded to publicly unveil her bad blood with the Pittsburgh Pro Bowler on IG for her nearly two million followers to read. She even posted his phone number online!

While that drama and reaction may be a turnoff to some guys, there are reasons this smoke show could be the chick for you… she is on the rebound, after all. Here’s what else you need to know about her.

1. Her gorgeous skin color, blue eyes and curly hair are what make Jena stand out in the Instababe crowd. Naturally her beauty leaves you wondering what ethnicity she is, and of course, she’s a mix: Black, French and Native American. What’s hotter than a swirly girl?

2. She has some celebrity hookups… and we aren’t talking about her exes, either. The girl isn’t afraid to use her face and body to make some of her own money. You may think Jena looks super familiar because she actually got her start on Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out.

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3. Jena isn’t a dumb chick. She attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, North Carolina.

4. She can rap, kinda. We aren’t sure if that’s a turn on or turn off for you, but in one of her SnapChat videos, she tried to spit some rhymes. They weren’t Eminem-worthy or anything, but they weren’t that bad, either.

5. She’s a tough broad and isn’t afraid to stick up for herself. If the Brown situation doesn’t prove that enough, Jena has taken jabs at her management company on social media, too. According to the Shade Room, Jena had beef with Draya Michelle. Draya was Jena’s manager and she took to social media to blast her for not doing her managerial duties. Jena wanted a release from her contract as she felt like Draya was not looking out for her best interests.

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6. She’s not afraid to date a dude with baggage. If you’re in that category, you may have a chance, man! As we stated before, Jena dated Brown while he had another girl pregnant. It doesn’t get more dramatic than that and takes a strong-ass woman to deal.

In the waves of change we find our true direction. #inspirationalQuoteOnAPicOfMyTush

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7. Let’s end by stating the obvious: Jena is a complete babe. We aren’t the only ones who think so either. She has over 2 million followers on the ‘Gram, and she’s not too shy to post hot pictures of herself. When you look at those bad boys it’s easy to see why Brown and her millions of followers are into her, and why she’d be great hanging with for at least a little while…


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