If you were developing a new soccer game for smartphones and tablets, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get the input of, oh, THE GREATEST PLAYER IN SOCCER HISTORY, would it? For that reason, we’re going to go out on a limb and say the guys at Cosi Production, creators of Pele: King of Football, have a pretty good idea what they are doing.

We were first introduced to the game earlier this month, when Pele himself appeared at an Apple Store in New York City to talk up the game and his involvement with it. We then downloaded it (free!) and got a bit addicted. Unlike, say, FIFA, which troubles itself with silly things like dribbling and passing, this one focuses on that most rare and exciting part of the game: shooting and scoring!

That’s right, you flick your finger to shoot, working your way up from the dirt streets to shiny stadiums, past ever tougher goalies and defenders. Along the way, you gain points that can be redeemed for magical shooting techniques, exclusive Pele videos and, most important, cooler hair.

The app also gives away real-world prizes—everything from signed balls and jerseys and World Cup final tickets to a chance to try out for a pro contract and even meeting Pelé in Brazil! Pretty cool, right? But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what the legend himself told us: “The Pelé: King of Football app is a new way for me to connect with my fans, especially the younger generation who never got to see me play. With this game, I look forward to sharing highlights of my life and career, having fun scoring with my fingers and not with my feet, and meeting a lucky winner one day!”

Can’t wait for the World Cup? Download the app now (for Android or iPhone) get to flickin’ and stay tuned for our full Q&A with the King of Football as the tourney gets closer…