So, it’s June 9th, aka 6/9, aka 69 Day. And what better way to celebrate 69 Day than to, well, 69?

But if we’re being real, 69ing is fun in theory, but sometimes not so much in practicality. There’s a lot of awkward positioning and difficulty focusing on pleasing your partner when they’re pleasing you.

So sex expert Dr. Emily Morse, the host of the top-downloaded sex and relationship advice podcast, Sex with Emily, who was voted the #1 dating and sex expert for and the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter, offered up some tips. Here are her top three for pulling it off and getting off.


1. Pick your position.
“There are a few different ways to rock the 69 position, but the most common version involves some level of stacking. This arrangement is often uncomfortable for both parties. An easy remedy for this is a simple roll to the side! Lay on your side facing your partner with your head toward their feet and have them do the same. Bend your top leg to form a triangle with your knee pointing to the ceiling, and place your top foot flat on the bed, using your elbow for support. Then scoot in until you’ve found the perfect alignment. This variation eliminates the strain of holding yourself up and allows you to put all your focus into pleasing and being pleased.”

2. Make the most of your hands.
“Don’t let the term ‘oral sex’ fool you—your mouth doesn’t have to carry the full burden of pleasure the entire time you’re going down. In fact, the trick to amazing oral is to use all the tools at your disposal. This means your lips, tongue and, of course, your hands. And speaking of tools, make manual stimulation even hotter by wrapping your fingers around a buzzworthy toy. Lifestyles’ A:muse His and Hers Pleasure Massagers, which come with a finger massager for her and a vibrating ring for him, are the perfect accoutrement to 69. You and your lover can simultaneously trace your hands all over each other’s bodies, or apply direct stimulation to some of your most sensitive areas.”

3. Make it extra wet.
“Whoever said ‘wetter is better’ was most likely touting the benefits of lube. Whether you use it during intercourse or masturbation, lubricant decreases friction, enhances sexual enjoyment and increases the chance that you’ll have an orgasm. Here’s a trick I’m obsessed with: Apply a tiny bit of your favorite tasty lube, like Lifestyles 2-in 1 Lubricant in Strawberry, onto your lips like a lip gloss; then slowly slide your mouth up and down the shaft of your partner’s penis, or use your lips to massage her clitoris. Using the added lubrication, bring your hands into play for double the stimulation. This full-service oral sex trick will blow your lover’s mind, and the delightful taste is just for you.”