This just in: Today is the birthday of legendary brewer/patriot Samuel Adams. That’s right, he not only made delicious beer, but also he chaired the town meeting that preceded the Boston Tea Party, signed the Declaration of Independence and had no less a fellow than Thomas Jefferson refer to him as “truly the Man of the Revolution.” No wonder a bronze statue of the Boston native stands outside of the city’s famed Fanueil Hall.

Of course, these days Adams is better known for his beer, so if you are looking for some way to pay tribute, why not drink some? Or if you are really feeling fancy, whip up a float using the following recipe. It tastes like some of the sweetest things in life: beer, coffee, ice cream and freedom.

Nitro Coffee Float
· Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout (4-6 oz)
· 1 oz cold brew coffee
· .75 oz Frangelico
· .75 oz Braulio (or favorite amaro)
· Ice cream and condiments

Shake and strain into Pilsner glass. Top 3/4 of the way with Samuel Adams Nitro Coffee Stout (4-6 oz). Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Garnish with crushed hazelnuts. Toast an invisible Founding Father seated next to you and enjoy.