America is being dumbed down. People would much rather know if Jessica Simpson is sleeping around than how to invest in something that would give them a guaranteed 10% return. It is no wonder that the average credit card debts of Americans are $9,000. More people are employed than ever and are making more but would much rather spend their time reading about people that make more than them than try to achieve a secure financial future . People Magazine subscriptions fly off the shelf while Forbes, although well read, has to basically give it away to move copies. The blogging world is no exception. Celebrity blogs are the most read of all blogs. We all love to see a nipple slip or a celebrity acting the fool. TraderMike has a nice blog but it doesn’t quite have the appeal to the masses that a Bricks and Stones does. America likes to have fun and technical jargon is no fun. A picture of fat ass Britney Spears is fun. I’ll never have the technical expertise that many of the trading and market sites out there and I don’t want to be a complete waste of time like the gossip sites. I do love money and I enjoy the fun and games of many of the humor sites and as you can see I just try and have some fun and games with money. As long as I can make money I can play as well. Take away either one and life is not quite as nice. Problem with America? They want to make enough money to pay today’s bills and have fun. No more, no less.