LAS VEGAS — Got a PS3 or other Blu-Ray disc player? Then you’re just one Andrew Jackson away from Internet TV.

That’s what we are hearing at CES from Orb Networks, an Oakland-based outfit that has designed an amazing new DVD that, when slipped into any Blu-Ray player, syncs with your iPad or smartphone to bring the wonders of the web — including Hulu, HuluPlus, Comedy Central, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, and YouTube, plus any pics or video stored on your PC —  to your television. The product is a follow-on to their previously released Orb TV (a hockey puck sized chunk of hardware that does the same thing) and the Orb Music Player (which streams iTunes and Pandora through any home speaker). But the real beauty of this new version lies in its simplicity and it’s incredibly low cost, $19.99, hundreds less than the new Internet-enabled TVs and other Internet enablers like Google TV and Boxee. I got to try it out in a suite at the Hilton, and within half a minute of syncing, I was using an iPad to navigate a vast number of popular, publicly available programs. A few seconds later, I was watching 30 Rock. Here’s an Orb pic, which both shows what it looks like and how to use it.

Yes, there are limitations. It only works with Blu-Ray players. You can’t wantonly browse the web. And you can’t use it to update your Twitter feed and Facebook status. (“Yup, lazing on the couch again. Can someone bring me the Funyons?”) But let’s get real. Internet TV for 20 bucks, people. It’ll be out by the end of February, and you can get it at I think we’re all done here.