LAS VEGAS — Wander around enough at the Consumer Electronics Show, and you just might find yourself in the far corner of the North Hall, home of what I can only call Planet Asia. It’s literally row upon row of Asian manufacturers shilling everything from colorful headphones to speakers to tablets to…more headphones. Seriously, lotta headphones. Anyway, here’s the weirdest and/or coolest stuff I saw in this corner, most of which, for better or worse, you can’t get here. But hey, haven’t you been meaning to visit Thailand, anyway?

It’s a soccer ball. It’s a speaker. Perfect for kicking out the jams. (Get it?!? We kill ourselves.)

The sails of these cool little Chinese boats are also speakers. We really have no idea how that works, but it’s awesome.

The Magic Cube from Cellulon projects a full-size keyboard that you can actually type on. You can also switch to a mouse mode. Obviously cool, but how is this useful? Let’s say your girlfriend wants a light massage. Project onto her back and you can check e-mail at the same time! This product actually will be available in the US. Probably in March, and probably for $169, they tell me.

I think the pillow remote is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also so fluffy I wanna die.

This fan somehow emitted a light display that cycled through several different logos, including Coke, McDonald’s and KFC. I walked away with a sudden urge to Double Down.

No, those aren’t my feet. But I did get to ride this zippy remote-controlled skateboard. While it was being controlled by the inventor. Who was gunning it toward a large crowd of CES attendees. Fortunately, no geeks were harmed in the incident.

Full disclosure: The TV hat is actually American-made, but it is so Asian-inspired I couldn’t leave it out. You slot your iPod or iPhone into the far end of the bill, throw the hat on, then adjust an internal lens to control magnification. Batteries, like dignity, not included.

I have no idea what this thing is, really. But yes, I like robot, too.

The rep for this watch, which is essentially a mount for your Nano (an idea so brilliantly simple it hurts) told me it wasn’t coming to the States until next year. But there IS an American version you can pre-order here. U-S-A! U-S-A!

This is the Giada Mini PC. Don’t know anything about it, but if the company knows half as much about tech as they do about hiring promo models (like Ashley here), it’s probably the next iPad.


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