Burton is the BMW of snowboards, and all other things snow related. And so, if surfing down a mountain of white powder on a very thin piece of plastic is your winter sport of preference, you’re probably familiar with them.

But for a while now, Burton has been trying to reinvent the wheel (figuratively, although maybe they should literally; those wheel things kind of suck in snow) and reinterpret the entire snowboarding experience. With the Burton Method Snowboard, it looks like they may have actually pulled it off. What makes this different from your average snowboard, you ask? They’ve come up with something they’re calling the “Infinite Channel” system, which sounds like some sort of religious TV station, but is actually a new design for the snowboard in which a person attached to the binding on the side of their boots as opposed to the bottom. This brings the rider closer to the snowboard itself and allows for a smoother ride and more control. Even cooler, the core of the board is made from a special patented titanium alloy that is 90% air, making it one of the lightest boards on the market. You will fly on this thing. Trees will be uprooted from the sonic boom of you breaking the sound barrier down that mountain. If that’s something that excites you instead of frightening you, get this board. You can expect to pay $1500 for this baby. Check out the sierra snowboard.com review here