I realize I have too much advertising on this thing and the sidebars are just full of junk. I am slowly going to try to clean it up. I make $2 a month on some of these things and are not worth cluttering up the site so I’ll just get rid of them. I also am trying to get it cleaned up above the fold with less advertising up there. You will start to see it getting cleaner around here.

In exchange I ask that if you would like to monetize your site as well you visit what I feel are 4 of the best ways to do it at the bottom of this page. I realize blogs are about content but this thing takes a lot of work and I might as well make something out of it. We could cut out all the advertising completely if someone would like to paypal me a few thousand dollars. My email is on the side if you want to send me some money. It would make things a bit easier.