When I changed from blogspot to WallstreetFighter.com one big thing changed. I lost my alexa and technorati ranking. Yes, people still get to my site and yes, my pagerank did not change, but my technorati ranking got killed and so did my alexa. Does it really matter? No. I truly appreciate everyone who has linked to me and placed me in their blogroll. If I could ask of you one favor though. Could you change the link from wallstreetfighter.blogspot.com to wallstreetfighter.com? Again, I realize I should be honored to be linked to by so many people but I figured I’d ask. Also, if anyone would like a link from a PR4 blog, I will include a link to your blog in exchange for a link in an article of yours. If you could include the words “funny money” in your link to wallstreetfighter, I will find it on technorati and in return will link to your site in one of my daily links. You could also email me to remind me if you’d like. Again, thanks all for the links and have a nice weekend