Is it cheaper to fly or drive? Answering this question no longer requires intimate knowledge of airfares, gas prices, an abacus and a sextent. You can now enter your travel information into a website and it will figure out if it’s cheaper to fly or drive for you.

The Fly or Drive Calculator calculates whether it is cheaper to fly or drive. It uses a combination of databases, maps, cost-schedules and routing algorithms.

I tried the fly or drive calculator for an imaginary trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco that would take place two months from now. I entered the dates, destinations, what type of car I drive, how many hours I drive in a day, hotel cost per night, the amount of time I would spend at the airport and transportation costs to and from the airport.

The Fly or Drive Calculator Results:


Flying is faster and more expensive and driving is cheaper and takes longer. In this case I would probably drive, for cost savings, and because it’s a scenic ride.

But if I was traveling for work — different story.