Over the coming weeks, you may find yourself wanting to get away from it all. Like when your house is overrun with family, and you just want a quiet moment to relax in front of the fire with a good book and without an in-law’s misguided complaints that your fridge is only stocked with beer.

For those times, there are places like this tiny library cabin in upstate New York—though this one is unfortunately not for rent. It’s called Hemmelig Rom (Norwegian for “secret room”), and it comes from design firm Studio Padron. They constructed this 200-square-meter black box in the middle of the forest from felled oak trees that were cleared from the area for a neighboring vacation home—you’ve got to like Scandinavian efficiency—and it operates as a guest house and reading room. So imagine inhabiting it yourself this winter, and taking refuge among some good books.

The wooden walls double as bookshelves and are stocked with plenty of reading material. There’s a big bed, a leather chair, a desk, a wood-burning stove and large windows for natural light—so it’s got everything you need for going all Henry David Thoreau on your weekend, and nothing you don’t.

And lest you’re worried, the address isn’t publicly listed. So you’d remain safe from inquiring in-laws… if you send a charming note to info@studiopadron.com and somehow learn the secret to securing this place.