Jeff McInnis likes his music the way he likes his food: good and Southern. A native of the Florida panhandle who grew up learning to cook what he caught in the waters near his house, McInnis’ culinary adventures have taken him to South Carolina, California, rural Virginia and the Virgin Islands. Now back in Florida, he’s the chef and co-owner of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, where he’s putting his Southern cooking skills to good use (just take a look at the menu). And his choice in music? Southern rock. Click below to listen to McInnis’ top-five song picks.

1. “Rollin’ & Tumblin’”  by RL Burnside
“RL Burnside is about as rustic as old southern blues gets.  His music puts spice in my collard greens.”

2. “I Ain’t Hiding” by The Black Crowes
“Black Crows are one of my favorite bands, I’ve been listening to them since I was very young and learning my first Southern dishes.”

3. “Good Morning Captain” by The Black Crowes
“This song has that Southern flavor and reminds me of what I’m cooking.”

4. “Gravity’s Gone” by Drive-By Truckers
“The Drive by Truckers were born and raised just north of where I spent a lot of my childhood  in Alabama.  Growing up in that area, I learned a lot of great Southern classic dishes. I never thought that an alternative Southern rock band could change the music seen so drastically as these guys.  I can relate to them from my cooking.  I draw inspiration from them in the alternative southern cuisine we prepare at Yardbird.  Feels good to listen to these guys rock in the kitchen when I’m creating Southern classics or a new versions of Southern classics.”

5. “10 A.M. Automatic” by The Black Keys
“I love upbeat southern rock; it makes me move and cook faster.”