21-year-old Sacramento State grad "Natalie Dylan" is publicly selling her ‘first time’ to the highest bidder. How’s that for an IPO?! Hell yeah, bro!

My favorite part of this video? (0:52)- When the college dude takes one look at her picture and says without hesitation, ‘She doesn’t look like a virgin.’

The owner of the The Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Carson City, Nevada, Dennis Hof, (who we’ve written about before) is handling all of the bids. This guy is all over the place. After the jump we’ll take a look at Dennis Hof’s smutty marketing prowess:

Girl Sells Virginity For Grad School Money – Watch more free videos

Dennis Hof is the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Carson City, along with a nightclub/bar located across the street. Alone, that fact might not impress you, but take a look at what he’s done with the place.

Hof parlayed his business into the beginnings of an iconic brand by first getting it featured in an HBO documentary, Cathouse: The Musical. HBO then picked up the idea as a running TV series to entertain its late-night viewership.

Hof is also well known for being the king of the gimmick. After first instituting a tax-stimulus rebate plan for Bunny Ranch customers, Hof then offered the incentive of ‘paying back’ the new $15 checked baggage fee for all customers showing their airline ticket stub. Dennis Hof certainly knows his way around the media. He has appeared on the Tyra Bank show, the Howard Stern show, Opie and Anthony, and a bevvy of other outlets where he’s shown his face and waxed poetic on all things sex-related including the much-publicized Spitzer escort service debacle.

I’m not sure I’d call Hof a genius or anything of the sort, but his savvy business approach to the sex/brothel industry has put him above the rest of the sleazy pack. The key for Hof’s demographic is to break down inhibitions and get the general public more familiar and accepting of the brand he is marketing. Time has shown that Playboy has done this successfully with their once-seedy, but now generally accepted brand.

This ‘virgin selling herself for school’ gimmick is just another in a long line of promotions Hof has up his sleeve. I’m not sure the Bunny Ranch will ever be able to achieve the kind of success Playboy or other sex brands have reached, but it is interesting, if not just entertaining, to watch what Hof comes up with next.

1.) Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy awkwardly chat on the ‘red carpet’ before the Comedy Central Flavor Flav roast.

2.) Dennis’ ‘pimped out’ MySpace page. Be warned you will hear his voice blaring as soon as you click this link.

3.) Wikipedia: Dennis Hof

Do you think Dennis Hof is a brilliant marketer or just another pimp taking the ‘sex sells’ slogan way too far? Let the comments section hear your thunder!

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