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  • Caitlin Wachs
  • Caitlin McCarthy

    Caitlin McCarthy

    Caitlin McCarthy is an American actress and singer who in 2007 completed a 13-week, 51-episode run as Caroline Krieger, daughter of bio-terrorist Michael Krieger (Marc Menard) on the My Network TV telenovela "Watch Over Me."

    She was in a girl pop group called MallRATZ at age 13.

  • Caitlin Upton

    Caitlin Upton


    All that waking up at 5:30 AM, all that time spent with people poking and prodding you, the horrible diets, the dental surgery, the hair removal, the brutal judgement. And for what? Just to let the world know that deep down inside, you are just as stupid as

  • Caitlin Jean Stasey

    Caitlin Jean Stasey

    Caitlin Jean Stasey (born 1 May 1990) is an Australian year 10 student and actress who is well known for her roles as Francesca Thomas in The Sleepover Club and Rachel Kinski in Neighbours.

    Caitlin is from Victoria, Australia, She began taking an interest in acting/performing when she was about six

  • Caitlin Lowe

    Caitlin Lowe

    • Lead-off hitter and Centerfielder for the USA Softball Team.