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  • Peta Wilson

    Peta Wilson

    Leggy babe, Peta Wilson, was an army brat growing up in Australia and always felt like the odd man out. Though she would probably attribute this to having to move around so much, it’s more likely due to her intimidating beauty. She was noticed by a modeling agent

  • Peta Todd

    Peta Todd

    Ah, the lovely Peta. The gorgeous lass was working as a trainee hairdresser in her native Essex when she was spotted as a potential Page 3 superstar by an eagle-eyed member of The Sun team.

    Sadly, the brilliant brunette was still 17 which meant any topless action was out of the

  • Casey Wilson

    Casey Wilson

    Casey Wilson is an Actress, Comedienne, and Screenwriter. She has a recuriing role on Saturday Night Live and is in the May 2010 release Killers.

  • Debra Wilson

    Debra Wilson

    Debra Renee Wilson Skelton also known as Debra Wilson, Debra Wilson Skelton, or Debra Skelton, is an American comedienne and actress. Wilson is notable for being the second longest-serving original cast member (after Michael McDonald) on the sketch comedy series MADtv, having appeared for the show's first eight seasons. She

  • Rita Wilson

    Rita Wilson

    Rita Wilson is an American actress and producer.Rita was born Margarita Ibrahimoff[in Los Angeles, California. Her father, a Muslim Bulgarian who worked at a racetrack, was born in Greece; he later converted to Orthodoxy. Before immigrating to the U.S., he had lived in Bulgaria and Turkey;her mother, Dorothy, was