Ai Kago

Ai Kago
Ai Kago is a Japanese pop singer formerly part of the Hello! Project. She was a fourth generation member of Morning Musume, and the other half of the "Two Top" with [[nozomi-tsuji]].


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Ai Kago
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Ai Kago is a Japanese pop singer formerly part of the Hello! Project. She was a fourth generation member of Morning Musume, and the other half of the "Two Top" with Nozomi Tsuji. Kago is famously known as the la belle dame sans merci of Japanese pop because of her native cruelty, which is easily excused by her cuteness.

In January, FRIDAY reported a romance between Ai Kago and actor Hidejiro Mizumoto, but the rumor was denied by Kago's agency at the time. Now, the matter has surfaced again, as Mizumoto's ex-wife is seeking damages against both Mizumoto and Kago.

Mizumoto and his wife, Asato, had divorced on January 8, before the FRIDAY article had appeared. But Asato claims that the reason for their divorce is that Mizumoto and Kago were having an affair. As a result, she is seeking monetary damages, reportedly on the order of 10 million yen from Kago and 50 million yen from Mizumoto. She is also asking for some of Mizumoto's assets and child support for their three children. The judge has apparently already received Asato's claim, which means that the matter may be taken to court if it is not settled.

Kago met Mizumoto through his mother, the psychic Yoshiko Shimo, whom Kago had often consulted before her comeback to show business. The pair reportedly became intimate after working together on the movie "Benten-dori no Hitobito," which opens in April.

Asato plans to submit Mizumoto's script for "Benten-dori no Hitobito" as evidence. In the back, Kago wrote a message to Mizumoto, which included lines like "I love you" and "If we get married, I want to have a boy," ending jokingly with "This message is a work of fiction."

It is also said that Kago has been living with Mizumoto in his apartment in Kanagawa since the end of last year. Asato has obtained photographic evidence of Kago's underwear, clothes, cosmetics, and other items at the apartment.

Kago's agency has declined to comment.

= Kago joined Morning Musume in 2000 as part of the fourth generation, alongside Rika Ishikawa, Hitomi Yoshizawa, and Nozomi Tsuji. Tsuji and Kago met late into the auditions and immediately hit it off, becoming close friends and fan favorites for the final round. Both the friendship and the fanbase would cross over for the rest of their careers.

Due to her height as well as hyperactive chemistry with Tsuji, Kago and Tsuji were put into the offbeat and slightly psychotic Minimoni with Mari Yaguchi and Mika Todd in 2000. Kago was with Minimoni for the next four years until they disbanded.

In addition to Minimoni, Kago was also part of Tanpopo. Her relative age (she was 12 years old at the time) was one of the reasons that the mature group shifted towards a more childish image. Kago was with Tanpopo for only two years before being shuffled out for three new members.

Morning Musume was split into two in 2003: Sakuragumi and Otomegumi. Kago was separated from Tsuji for the first time - she was in Sakuragumi, while Tsuji was placed in Otome. Still, Kago released two singles with Sakuragumi before they merged back into Morning Musume again.

Kago graduated with Tsuji in summer 2004 to concentrate full-time on their duo, W. They enjoyed success for a while, appearing on various shows and concerts.

However, this was short-lived when Kago was caught smoking in early 2006. She was put in house arrest and was quiet for almost a year. However, hope returned when it was revealed that she was working at the agency office in preparation for a comeback in January of 2007.

That didn't work out either when it was again revealed that Kago had spent the night with Ishimoto Yasuyuki, the 36-year-old (at the time) owner of a cafe. Instead of suspension, however, Kago was fired.

Kago had briefly gone to Hawaii with the very upright Yasuyuki, and hid out in New York City.

She is currently attempting a comeback career as an actress and talent. Her first interview in two years was aired on Ohmynews in April 2008, containing such information as her failed suicide attempts and the ugly side of idol life. Though she's sporting an ugly-ass haircut, she's got a new fan cafe and a new life ahead.

Ai Kago took an attempt on her own life in the fall of 2011.

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