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Akiho Yoshizawa

Akiho Yoshizawa
Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 3, 1984 and released Angel, her debut video as an AV actress, with the Alice Japan label on March 28, 2003 just after her 19th birthday. Her second video 18-Teens was made for the Max-A Samansa label[3] and she continued alternating performances between the two studios through the middle of 2006 usually making one movie a month.


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Yoshizawa was born in Tokyo, Japan on March 3, 1984 and released Angel, her debut video as an AV actress, with the Alice Japan label on March 28, 2003 just after her 19th birthday. Her second video 18-Teens was made for the Max-A Samansa label[3] and she continued alternating performances between the two studios through the middle of 2006 usually making one movie a month. Among her early videos are the July 2003 incest-themed My Sister Is an AV Idol with some light S&M play[4] and the cosplay Costume Play Doll from September 2003 where she plays a school girl, a nurse and a maid. For her work in her first year in AV, Yoshizawa was nominated for the Best New Actress Award at the 2003 X City Grand Prix Awards

Her March 2004 Welcome to Max Cafe also involves cosplay and Yoshizawa dresses as a school girl, an office lady, a race queen and in a traditional kimono while Self-Portrait #4 is in the documentary style popular in Japanese porn and follows her through her day from morning at home to a meeting and the video shoot and then back home for the evening.

By 2005 Yoshizawa was starring in many of the typical genres of Japanese porn: the maid who can't refuse orders and serves her master and his sons (Being Obedient is a Pleasure of a Maid), the virginal-seeming teacher who has wild sex on the weekends and is eventually raped by fellow teachers and students (Akiho Yoshizawa in Female Teacher Hunt) and a lewd stewardess who services both pilots and terrorists (Welcome to Max Airline! Akiho Yoshizawa). Her September 2005 video je t'aime uses the handheld first-person virtual sex technique known as hamedori.

In 2006 Yoshizawa starred in the three-part erotic drama series Maison Akiho where she plays a widowed apartment manager who is romantically pursued by one of the students living in the apartment. Fellow AV Idol Tina Yuzuki appeared in the last two episodes. The series is a hardcore take-off on the popular manga and anime TV series Maison Ikkoku. She also appeared in the elaborate historical costume drama set in the Edo period, The Inner Palace: Indecent War, released by Max-A under the DoraMax label in July 2006. In addition to the hardcore video (with the code DMX-001),the movie was also released in a shorter softcore R-15 rated version (Pure Max PMX-005). A sequel The Inner Palace: Flower of War was also released in hardcore (DoraMax DMX-002) and softcore (Pure Max PMX-006) versions. Also in 2006, Yoshizawa celebrated her three years of working with Alice Japan by making her final original video with that studio, Obscene Model. In this documentary-style feature, she watches some of her earlier videos and re-creates the scenes.

She also completed her career with the Max-A studio in December 2006 with the video Last Chapter, a two-hour collection of scenes from all 27 of her Max-A original videos plus an interview section where she talks about memorable sex scenes and actors in her career..[20] Yoshizawa finished 2006 by winning one of the Best Actress Awards for Excellence at the 2006 AV Actress Grand Prix.

Akiho Yoshizawa Maxing & S1

By the end of 2006 Yoshizawa had left the two studios, Alice Japan and Max-A, that she had been making videos for since 2003 and she now began working for two new companies, Maxing and S1 No. 1 Style. She appeared in her first video for Maxing, Sell Debut Love Acky,[23] in October 2006 and she debuted with S1 in January 2007. She has been active with both studios since, appearing in about one movie a month for both studios. Although she had appeared in one video for Alice Japan with the nickname "Akkie" in the title, Maxing definitely dubbed her "Acky" in a majority of her 2007 movies. Her July 2007 POV video Akiho's Dirty Talk Makes You Finish inaugurated the Maxing "Dirty Talk" series[24] and in a later 2007 Maxing release Cool Guy Acky! she wears her hair short, pretends to be a boy and sneaks into a boy's school with predictable results.

Yoshizawa's work in AV for the 2007 year was acknowledged by several awards. One of her S1 videos, the May 2007 release Hyper Risky Mosaic - Special Bath House Tsubaki, featuring S1 stars Sora Aoi, Honoka, Yuma Asami and eight others was the studio's entry for the 2007 AV Open contest where it took the 1st Place Award.[26] [27] Yoshizawa also won the Best Actress Award at the 2007 Vegas Night and her S1 video Hyper-Risky Mosaic Akiho Yoshizawa took the 2nd Place Award.[28] In another media, she was a nominee for the Best Actress Award for her 2007 appearances on adult Channel 902 (Midnight Blue) on satellite TV broadcaster SKY PerfecTV! at the 2008 Adult Broadcasting Awards ceremonies.

Yoshizawa has always had the AV persona of a shy and giggly girl but some of her 2008 videos for Maxing, especially the "berochu" or "French kiss" genre Hot Girl's French Kiss Trance FUCK. and The Absolute Slut, Akiho Yoshizawa. have her playing more aggressive erotic roles. At the 2008 Moodyz Awards she won the 2nd Place award for Best Actress.

Akiho Yoshizawa Other activities

In addition to her hardcore AV videos, Yoshizawa has also has had a significant career in mainstream movies and softcore V-Cinema and pink films including the August 2004 horror movie Koibone and the May 2008 science fiction comedy Shin supai gâru daisakusen known in English as Spy Girl's Mission Cord #005 where she plays an evil alien seductress. Koibone was later (June 2005) released as a DVD by Taki [THD-14161]. In another genre, Yoshizawa played the female ninja (kunoichi) Kasumi in the erotic action V-Cinema September 2007 release Lady Ninja Kasumi Vol.4 (Kasumi: Tanjou! Sarutobi Sasuke) based on a manga by Youji Kanbayashi and Jin Hirano.

She also starred in the 2005 pink film Fascinating Young Hostess: Sexy Thighs which was ranked as the Best Film of the year at the 2006 Pink Grand Prix.[40] Yoshizawa won the third Best Actress award at the same ceremony for her role in the movie.[41] In an interview,[42] Yoshikawa said she first met the director of the movie, Tetsuya Takehora, when he directed her in a V-cinema production Erotic Fountain for the TMC studio in 2006.[43] In September 2008 she had a major role in the drama Madobe no honkîtonku which was also released as a DVD in November 2008.

In another adult manga-based movie, the November 2008 TMC release Irokoishi : Horo-hen kabuki-cho zecchotaiketsu!! .she plays the heroine Rie. In this third movie in the Irokoishi series called in English Irokoishi3: Wandering – Kabukicho Ecstasy Battle!!, Rie is the victim of erotic hypnosis by the evil Ishida and is rescued by the hero Kikunosuke using his superior sexual techniques. Yoshizawa's TV appearances include the TV Tokyo production Miss King which aired in 12 episodes from October to December 2005. Fellow AV Idol Sora Aoi was also in the show.[48][49] From April 2008 she was also a cast regular on the late night TV Osaka variety show Please Muscat which also included other S1 actresses such as Sora Aoi, Yuma Asami, Rio (Tina Yuzuki) and Mihiro singing and performing comedy skits.[ Along with two other idols, Mihiro and Kasumi Kaho, Yoshizawa also ventured into another medium with the 2005 UMD format video English Cram School where the three actresses give lessons in English. The softcore video, published as GBTU-002 by Success, is for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).[51] Another PSP video and game was the December 2006 All Star Yakyuken Battle, a striptease version of "yakyuken" or "rock-paper-scissors" where Yoshizawa joined with AV actresses An Nanba, Kaho Kasumi, Kaede Matsushima, Mihiro Taniguchi, Ran Asakawa, Rei Amami, Sora Aoi and Yua Aida. The game and video were released for the PSP and in Blu-Ray for the PS3

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