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  • Luciana Salazar

    Luciana Salazar


    Though you've probably never heard of her, Luciana Salazar is one of the world's most exotic beauties. Her blonde hair belies her Argentinian roots while her massive boobs... well she's got massive boobs.

    Life Story

    Salazar, like so many beautiful women, started out as a beautiful baby. By the age of four

  • Carolina Cerezuela

    Carolina Cerezuela

    Carolina Cerezuela nació el 14 de enero de 1980 en Elche, Alicante (España). Esta actriz ha conseguido la fama principalmente gracias a su papel de Mónica Salazar en la serie televisiva Camera Café .

    En el año 2001 ganó el premio de belleza Linda de España. Aunque estudió Relaciones Laborales en

  • Maddalena Corvaglia

    Maddalena Corvaglia

    Life Story

    Born in Presicce, Campania, Italy, she was studying foreign law at her university in Lecce when she decided to become an actress.


    At 17 years old wins "Miss Wella Umbria" and at 19 years old became "velina" (dancer) for TV program “Striscia la notizia” (1999-2001). On 2004 work with Alberto Castagna

  • Paz Vega

    Paz Vega


    The daughter of a Spanish bullfighter, Paz Vega dreamed of becoming an actress after seeing a play at the age of 15. She took her grandmother's name as her own, and began acting on Spanish language TV shows, included what some consider the Spanish version of Friends, called 7 Vidas.

  • Micaela Ramazzotti

    Micaela Ramazzotti

    Inizia la carriera come protagonista di fotoromanzi, per passare ancora giovanissima al cinema e successivamente anche ad importanti produzioni del piccolo schermo. In particolare raggiunge una discreta notorietà con la serie tv di Canale 5, RIS delitti imperfetti.

    Inoltre nel 2004 gira un videoclip con Max Pezzali dal titolo Il mondo