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Tuesday's notes: All that and a bag of oats - On the Forecheck We've got analysis of Russian prospect draft trends, a look at whether one of the NHL's top assist men can start scoring more, your opportunity to become a goalie writer, and of course, a horse racing update!

Air quality and all that gas — High Country News After all, thanks to the "Halliburton loophole," the process is not subject to the Safe Drinking Water Act, and in most states, companies aren't required to disclose the recipes of the chemical cocktails they're firing ...

“All that had changed was people's opinion of the place” – World ... Ecuador, after all, like the Galapagos Islands, was mostly lava and ash, and so could not begin to feed its nine million people. It was bankrupt, and so could no longer buy food from countries with plenty of topsoil, ...

The 90′s WERE All That « Fame Hype In response to another article, I defend the 90's as a decade that provided children with quality, innovative entertainment.

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