Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano is a child actor turned star actress and singer. She was every kid’s fantasy girl on ''Who’s the Boss'' and every grown man’s fantasy on ''Charmed''.


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Alyssa Milano is a child actor turned star actress and singer. She was every kid’s fantasy girl on Who’s the Boss and every grown man’s fantasy on Charmed. Her career was kick-started when she played the role of Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter in the 1985 action movie Commando (Rae Dawn Chong). Later that year she played Tony Danza's daughter on Who's the Boss, a job that would last eight years. During this time, she produced and starred in her own workout video called Teen Steam, which (despite its quasi-raunchy title) was an exercise video for kids -- and was absolutely never used as an entertainment piece for guys in their parents' basements. She also launched her singing career with albums such as Look In My Heart, The Best in the World and the self-titled Alyssa. They didn't do jack-shit in the U.S. but, like most jack-shit records by annoying white girls, did great karoake business in Japan.

After playing a good girl for so long, Milano let her freak flag fly by appearing nude and engaging in girl-girl scenes in the cult-classic Embrace of the Vampire (Rebecca Ferrati, Rachel True, Jordan Ladd). She also starred in another late night cable favorite, Poison Ivy 2 (Camilla Belle).

Alyssa decided to give TV another shot, co-starring in the supernatural hit Charmed, alongside Shannen "Jump the Shark" Doherty, and Holly "Forgettable" Marie Combs. Later, after infamous uber-slut Rose Mcgowan joined the show, the two entered a weekly competition to see who could wear the sluttiest outfit and display their nipples most often. Since Alyssa knows that her body is a much stronger sell than her acting talents, this continued even after taking the reigns as a producer on the show. Happy male viewers were treated to cleavage, ass, and nipples from both women for an impressive eight years.

Since then, Milano has turned her attention to sports, while dodging fan requests for home videos involving her and a baseball bat.

Milano, an LA Dodgers fan, has launched a new line of apparel for female sports fans boner-incitingly called, "Touch", and she has helped TBS cover the 2007 MLB post season, reporting live from the various stadiums.

Milano also appeared on My Name is Earl (Jaime Pressly, Nadine Velazquez) as lucky bastard Earl's wife. Hopefully Jason Lee brought a climax to Kevin Smith's own lust from 1985. If he didn't, then perhaps his Chasing Amy coming-out scene was closer to heart than any of us could have known.

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