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  • Dominik Garcia-Lorido

    Dominik Garcia-Lorido

    Dominik Garcia-Lorido is an American actress known for playing roles in the movies The Lost City as Mercedes Fellove and City Island as Vivian Rizzo who is the daughter of the character played by actor Andy García, also her real life father.

    She currently stars on the new Starz drama "Magic

  • Marysthell García

    Marysthell García

    Marysthell García is a beautiful model from the Dominican Republic.

  • Joanna Garcia

    Joanna Garcia


    She's a blonde, she's a brunette, she's a redhead. No matter what color hair she has, Joanna Garcia is toally hot.


    García was born in Tampa, Florida , where she was raised by her mother Lorraine, a Spanish-American homemaker and former elementary schoolteacher, and her father, Cuban-born Jay García, a

  • Lilian Garcia

    Lilian Garcia

    Lilian resided in Madrid, Spain for the first eight years of her life due to her father's employment with the American Embassy, and was schooled on an American military base, leading her to describe herself as a "military brat". Upon returning to the United States, Garcia graduated from Irmo High

  • Danay Garcia

    Danay Garcia

    Danay Garcia is a Cuban film actress. She currently has a role as Sofia Lugo in the Fox network's drama series, Prison Break. Danay Garcia was born and raised in Havana, Cuba. Even as a little girl, she loved entertaining and performing ballet. She has been dancing since she was 10