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  • Ashlee Simpson

    Ashlee Simpson


    Singer, songwriter, actress, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz emerged from the shadow of her sister to forge her own highly successful career. Lucky for us she was given a chance to shine, us being the world.

    Life Story

    Raised in Dallas, TX, she was singing and dancing by age 3. By eleven she

  • The Ashlee Simpson Show
  • Ashlee Jay

    Ashlee Jay

    Ashlee didn't expect to be voted March's Cyber Girl of the Month, but she's glad the Cyber Club members took a chance on her. "I'm really excited for this new twist in my life," she says. "I enjoyed looking at my photos after each shoot. I love looking pretty as

  • Ashlee Albar

    Ashlee Albar

    Hi my name is Ashlee Albar, I hope to become a successful T.V. personality working for a major broadcasting company. I would love to become a journalist also. My goal ultimately is to provide young innercity kids especially young women with a positive image of a real woman like themselves

  • Courtney Simpson

    Courtney Simpson

    Courtney Simpson was born in Mesa, Arizona, and grew up in a devout Mormon family; her father, whom she calls her favorite person, was an oral surgeon. She says she was a gymnast for ten years, winning a national bar competition.

    Simpson had a 4.2 grade point average in high