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'Millionaire Matchmaker' Takes On Awkward Groupon Copywriter ... Even with millionaires, dating can be a hit or miss experience, especially if you're as awkward as Daniel Kibblesmith. Kibblesmith, who earned his for.

'Awkward.': Meet Jillian Rose Reed, the BFF with the fab vocab ... Tamara's in love with the band geeks. She thinks that they're all rock stars.”

Awkward Elevator Moments I hate it when this happens, Premature Button Push: (n) The act of passing up a crowded elevator car, only to push the button again too soon, revealing the same car of people. See more awkward elevator moments, courtesy ...

'Awkward.' Lesson Learned: When In Doubt, Tongue Your BFF ... All the insider information about your favorite MTV shows at Remote Control Blog.

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