Camila Bordonaba

Camila Bordonaba
'''Camila Bordonaba Roldán''' is an Argentine actress, singer and composer. She is famous for her roles in television shows as ''Chiquititas'' and ''Rebelde Way''.


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Camila Bordonaba Roldán
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Camila Bordonaba Roldán is an Argentine actress, singer and composer. She is famous for her roles in television shows as Chiquititas and Rebelde Way. As a singer and composer, she became famous in teenage group Erreway. Bordonaba also played roles in various popular Argentine shows such as Floricienta, El Patron de la Vereda and Son de Fierro, and she will be starring in Atraccionx4. She has recorded a few solo songs, including the hit "Por Ti"'. She also was part of a singing group in Son de Fierro, but it did not exist as a real band, performing strictly for Television audiences. She is currently working on a new CD for Erreway.

She is arguably one of the most popular and successful young actresses in Argentina.

Camila Bordonaba Bio

Personal life

Camila Bordonaba is the third and the youngest child of Juan Carlos and Nora Bordonaba. She has an older brother, Rodrigo, and an older sister, Melina. She was born on September 4, 1984, in the town of El Palomar, near the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. As a child, Bordonaba showed a talent for acting and music. She started her professional career very early.

Bordonaba had a relationship with well-known Argentine actor Benjamin Rojas. They dated during the time they filmed Chiquititas and Rebel's Way, but broke-up in 2004. Speaking about Camila, Rojas has said that she was his first love, the first girl he had ever kissed.

After that relationship, Camila became the girlfriend of Chochi, one of the members of the Erreway crew. He was 10 years older then Camila, so many people did not approve of this relationship. They met on Erreway Tour 2004, and from then on were together. In a statement made in 2007, Bordonaba said they broke-up.

Her best friend is Felipe Colombo. About her, Colombo has said: She's like my sister. The press has wrote that they are together, but they have denied it. We've tried it, but it didn't work out. We found out we're just friends, and that's all, they have said. Bordonaba also said that she was not in a dispute with former Erreway girl Luisana Lopilato.

Bordonaba has lived alone since January 2008, in an apartment in Buenos Aires. She loves the music of rock bands Guns'n'Roses and Sui Generis, the books of Herman Hesse and the American TV series The Simpsons. Her favourite color is blue. Her favourite singers are Charly García and Diego Torres. Her favourite soccer teams are Independiente and Chicago.

TV and movie career

Camila Bordonaba started her singing career on the TV show Cantañinas, when she was only three years old. She had no previous television acting experience when in 1996 she went to a casting call for Tiny Angels (Chiquititas), a soap opera geared towards teenagers. She was cast as Pato.

Tiny Angels became so popular internationally that fans in Israel, where the telenovela gained much recognition, demanded that the stars pay a visit to their country. Her popularity increased even further thanks to Rebelde Way in 2002.

Bordonaba stayed with Tiny Angels until its seventh season, when the show ended. In a 2001 interview, she declared that she was worried about her country's future, that "Axl Rose was her favorite teen idol" (she said he was her "impossible love"), that she plans to fly on a parachute someday, and that she would travel to Egypt if given a chance to pick a place to visit. When asked about God, she simply answered "I'm sure there is someone up there".

Bordonaba also participated in the film version of Tiny Angels. In the film Chiquititas: Rincón de Luz, she got to play Camila Bustillo. When Tiny Angels became a theater play in Buenos Aires, Bordonaba reprised her role as Camila Bustillo.

Bordonaba played Marizza Pia Spirito in another international series, Rebel's Way. Her international popularity increased thanks to the show, which was a huge hit among Latin-American teens and was a never-before-seen phenomenon in Israel. Marizza easily became the most popular role in Rebelde Way. In 2004, Bordonaba acted in Rebel's Ways film sequel, 4 Caminos. The film was released in June 2004, and it was very popular in all countries where it played.

In 2003, she has also a little cameo in the Hindi movie Tere Naam. In 2004, she acted as Paloma in Floricienta. 2005 saw her act as Sisi in El Patrón de la Vereda (The Sidewalk's Owner). She also had a guest role, role of Jueza, in television series ¿Quien es el Jefe?, Argentine version Who's the Boss?.

In 2007 she got a role in Son de Fierro, which is one of Argentina's most-watched show. She acts alongside Felipe Colombo, who also starred with her in Rebelde Way. Both were chosen for the roles thanks to Yair Dori, an Israeli producer who helped finance the show. He thought having both actors would help the show's popularity in Israel, where Rebelde Way was a huge phenomenon.

After many rumors, Bordonaba confirmed she will act in television show 4x4, alongside actors from Rebelde Way, like Luisana Lopilato. Felipe Colombo was also rumored to have a part in 4x4, but he recently stated that he would not be part of the new telenovela.

Music career

With Rebel's Way, she became member of the group Erreway. Erreway was very popular throughout Latin America, Spain, Europe, Israel and many other countries. The group released three albums, Señales (2002), Tiempo (2003) and Memoria (2004) and three compilations of their greatest hits, Erreway en Concierto (2006), El Disco de Rebelde Way (2006) and Erreway presenta su caja recopilatoria. Bordonaba also composed some songs for Erreway.

During the filming of El Patron de la Vereda, where she portrayed a singer, Bordonaba recorded a few songs. The most popular were "Si Me Vas A Olvidar" ("If You're Going to Forget Me"), "Sin Supieras" and "Por Ti" ("For You").

She also recorded some songs with Felipe Colombo, for the TV series Son de Fierro. There was chance that a new band, composed of Bordonaba, Colombo and Vanesa Gonzáles would be formed, but it did not work out, and Erreway stayed together.

Currently, Camila is the only female member of Erreway. Luisana Lopilato left the band in 2005. Camila now sings Luisana's parts in the songs. Erreway was to have a tour last September in Spain, but it was cancelled by "Yair Dorii". Erreway said that they want to finish the new album, named Vuelvo, so they can play their new songs in Spain.

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