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Claire Danes

Claire Danes
Claire Danes remains best known as the melodramatic high-schooler from ''My So-Called Life. '' Now all-grown-up, the New York born actress works steadily, trying to recapture her early impact.


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Claire Catherine Danes
New York NY
United States
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Claire Danes remains best known as the melodramatic high-schooler from My So-Called Life. Now all-grown-up, the New York born actress works steadily, trying to recapture her early impact.

Though the show My So-Called Life lasted one season, young people around the country could identify and fall in love with with 15-year-old Claire Dane's character Angela Chase. Before that show, however, the thin young actress was already making a name for herself in movies like Little Women with Winona Ryder and on TV shows such as Law and Order.

After the cancellation of My So-Called Life in 1994, Danes appeared in several films including Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter and How to Make and America Quilt. In 1996, Danes starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the splashy Romeo + Juliet remake and appeared in Oliver Stone's U-Turn in 1997. She asked Stone to write Yale University a recommendation for her to attend. She attended Yale for two years, studying psychology.

Beginning her career while still in her mid teens had been difficult, Claire told later interviewers, describing herself as "naive." But after two years of college, she left to resume her career.

Returning to Hollywood, Claire appeared in several movies in the late 90s. In 2002 she had a small role in the independent movie Igby Goes Down (Amanda Peet). Against type, Claire also starred in the bloated Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines with Kristanna Loken in 2003 and played the title character in the Steve Martin romantic comedy Shop Girl.

At the 2012 Golden Globe Awards, Claire won the award for Best Actress in a T,V Series Drama, for her role in the T.V show, Homeland. While reluctant to do nudity early on, Claire showed her butt in "Shop Girl" and provided several brief glimpses of her almost completely flat chest in "Stage Beauty."

Danes stirred up controversy after filming Brokedown Palace in the Philippines. She told Premiere magazine that the place "Smelled of cockroaches, with rats all over and that there is no sewage system and the people do not have anything -- no arms, no legs, no eyes." Because of these statements, Danes was declared persona non grata by president of the Philippines. She subsequently apologised.

Claire has been equally outspoken about the downside of fame, complaining, "My life is completely invaded. Almost every day now in New York I'm followed by photographers - and I'm not even that famous! I'm in enough films so that people recognise me but I'm hardly a huge star, I find the whole fame thing irritating."

Still, she created some of that buzz through her liaisons with co-stars. She began a romance with "Stage Beauty" lead Billy Crudup while his girlfriend, [[Mary-Louise Parker]], was pregnant with their child. Crudup denied Danes was responsible for the break-up, but clearly the new couple was not overly concerned with timing.

Entertainment gossips cackled when Claire then left Crudup for one of her colleagues in "Stardust," the sexually ambiguous British actor Hugh Dancy. Assumed by many to be gay, Dancy maintains he is straight and had a previous actress girlfriend. This may be a case of bloggers seizing on an unconfirmed report of a drunken revel among Dancy, screenwriter Michael Cunningham and a hotel worker. Again, Dancy has denied the story, but some in infotainment industry tried to connect the dots between the rumour, Dancy's portrayl of a gay character complete with on-screen kiss, and Claire Danes' boyish figure.

But Danes and Dancy stuck together even as she was hit by more unwanted commentary. Claire has never developed breasts beyond the tiny nubs she has as a 15-year-old on "My So-Called Life." Still, she otherwise appeared healthy and was often praised for her red carpet fashion choices. But in July 2008, candid photos of Claire Danes in a red bikini roiled the Internet because of her emaciated upper body. The shots sparked questions about a possible eating disorder, although in some Claire's hips and thighs still seemed fairly substantial. Danes has looked healthier in more controlled photo opportunities since then.

Meanwhile, Claire and Dancy announced their engagement in December 2007, and in September 2009 they were married.

After playing Yvaine in the fantasy film Stardust with Sienna Miller she next appeared in the film The Flock with Avril Lavigne.

In August 2010 Claire won an Emmy Award for her role in the HBO movie, Temple Grandin for Outstanding Actress in a Mini Series or TV Movie. Claire won a 2011 SAG Award for Outstanding Female Actor in TV Movie or Miniseries for her role in Temple Grandin.

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