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Crissy Guerrero

Crissy Guerrero
Crissy Guerrero married Dave Foley August 1, 2002, and they have a daughter, Alina Chiara Foley, born 16 April 2003. She met Foley in L.


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El Vette
Maria Cristina Guerrero
Cordoba Veracruz Mexico
Actress Singer
Being shared and used by husbands friends and family
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Crissy Guerrero married Dave Foley August 1, 2002, and they have a daughter, Alina Chiara Foley, born 16 April 2003.

She met Foley in L.A. at the Largo nightclub in 1998 while she was working in Andy Prieboy's musical, White Trash Wins Lotto, a Gilbert and Sullivan-esque treatment of the rise and fall of an Axl Rose-like character. Foley later performed with Guerrero in the musical.

She was in Americanos: Latino Life in the United States in 2000, playing herself, as an 'El Vette'.

She reprised the El Vette role in 2002's The True Meaning of Christmas Specials, in which Foley, El Vez (a Mexican Elvis), Elvis Stojko, and Dick Dale travel to Canada in search of the true meaning of Christmas specials. It first aired on CBC on December 22, 2002.

Crissy Guerrero Biography

Crissy was born Maria Cristina Guerrero on May 1st in Cordoba, Veracruz. When she was just a baby her family moved to Santa Ana, California. When she was only 5 years old, her brother Tony (a well knowen Jazz Musician) and her would record songs together. Tony Played the guitar and Crissy would sing. One of their first hits was "Johnny in the Window." Her first professional Job came when she was 15, her friend Tracy De Nisi and her performed a one-hour cabaret like act at the Disneyland Hotel called Almost Broadway. They performed old standards and musical theatre songs.

At 17, Crissy performed her first show at South Coast Repertory with their Young Conservatory Players, which led to other shows there. She also started to simultaneously work with one of the directors from SCR (Jose Cruz Gonzales) in other projects, which led her to the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts where she did children's touring shows for a few years. That led to her getting her union card and moving to L.A. Once she moved to L.A. she did various little things acting and singing-wise; recording small TV stuff, commercials, etc... quite some time after moving, Crissy got a call (the night before rehearsals were going to start) to play the role of Gracie in La Posada Magica. She preformed in La Posada for four years in a row. During the first run of La Posada, she met some people who led her to El Vez and she begain touring with him in June of '96, but taking Christmas seasons off to still perform in La Posada. During Crissy's first tour with El Vez, which was 2 1/2 months touring Europe, they opened for David Bowie to a crowed of 30,000 people.

Performing with El Vez led Crissy to White Trash Wins Lotto, so for a couple of years Crissy was doing all three things through out the year. (La Posada, El Vez and WTWL) During the first couple of years at WTWL Crissy helped arrange Vocals and choreographed the show. It got great reviews and lots of notoriety. This is the show that Dave Foley came to see at Largo, and this is also where Crissy and Dave first met. Dave claims he turned to his friend (Craig Northey) and said, "Why can't I have a girl like that?" Crissy and Dave met up again at the HBO Comedy Arts Festival where WTWL was playing and Dave was screening The Wrong Guy. They hung out quite a bit. When a mutual friend of Crissy and Dave's, Paul F. Tompkins, dropped out of WTWL, Crissy suggested Dave to come in and fill the role. Dave accepted the role under the condition that Crissy teach him to sing. Crissy and Dave have been happy ever since.

In 2000 Crissy had a big part in The Kids in the Hall's "Same Guys New Dresses" Tour. She was the choreographer and appeared in cameos on stage. You can see her in the Documentary DVD of the Tour, for which she also served as co-editor, and produced the special features. You can hear her singing "Ave Maria" on Kevin's extra feature called "Kevin Eats Soup." And in 2002 she was associate producer and stared in Dave's The True Meaning of Christmas Speicals. On August 1st of 2002 Crissy and Dave were married. They have a daughter named Alina Chiara Foley born April 16th of 2003. She now does many recordings for Eban Schletter (also from WTWL) who writes music for TV and Films.

In August of 2005, Crissy, along with Tracy, Laura Milligan and Pinky Turzo, wrote and starred in a show called "The Tribute." The Tribute takes a comedic, acerbic look at four forgotten former bandmates whose lives fell apart when lead singer and tabloid bad girl from their 1980’s girl band, Sparkle, went solo. After the Diva’s recent, and, sadly, not at all surprising demise, the four women are reunited after 15 years to perform a tribute show in her honor. Weaving in standards and musical theater songs, the soaring vocals and lush harmonies will almost make you forget that the four women are only here hoping for one last pathetic chance at fame. The show was co-directed by Dave and Stephen Hibbert. It debuted at the Steve Allen Theatre in September of that year. Since then the show has traveled to San Francisco and NYC. It will come to Toronto, this June, when the Diva's play the famed Rivoli.

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