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Deena Marie Manzanares

Deena Marie Manzanares
Everything you ever wanted to know about Deena can be found here: http://www. deenamarie.


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Everything you ever wanted to know about Deena can be found here:

Deena Marie is best known for her youtube channel, The Deena Show, under the alias BeanerLaRue which she says is based on a childhood nickname. She writes, directs and performs sketch comedy and can also been seen in serious short films and modeling in runway shows.

What people may not know, is she is a trained actress, having spent time in NYC studying at the Atlantic Theater Company Acting School and Juilliard. She has appeared Off Broadway and continues to work in theatre.

She is known for versatility in dramatic and comedic roles. She has also trained in singing and dance. Deena has a chameleon like ability which she uses to disguise herself as the many different characters she creates online.

Writing poetry, spoken word and even performing burlesque under the name Dixie Delight can be added to the list of this girls talents and hobbies.

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