Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier
===Introduction=== Emmanuelle Vaugier is a beautiful and gracious Canadian film and television actress. She may be best known to American audiences from her recurring role as Det.


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Emmanuelle Vaugier
Vancouver British Columbia
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Humble (she Recently Worked With Uwe Boll But Did Not Have To); Languages Beautiful Face And Hair 32B


Emmanuelle Vaugier is a beautiful and gracious Canadian film and television actress. She may be best known to American audiences from her recurring role as Det. Jessica Angell on CSI:NY. She also appeared as Dr. Helen Bryce, the love interest of Lex Luthor during the 2002-3 season of Smallville, and as Nicki on One Tree Hill during 2004-5. Emmanuelle previously did stints on two Canadian series, Madison and Higher Ground. Much of Emmanuelle's film work has been in the horror and sci-fi genres. In features, she has appeared alongside Michael Caine and Robert Duvall in Secondhand Lions. The very small-breasted Vaugier also played a small part, with a minor topless scene, in the Josh Hartnett vehicle 40 Days and 40 Nights. Guess which film project she’s more proud of?

Life Story

Vaugier grew up in a French-speaking Catholic household and attended an all-girls private school for 10 years. She began modeling as a teenager and continues to do the occasional photo shoot. But acting was her first love. "When I was in second grade, I did my first school play. It was all over after that!" she said.

Vaugier started early, modeling and then doing commercials. Many of her early assignments were in Asia, where her dark hair and thin frame blended in with the locals. “I started modeling when I was fourteen and I did the whole Japan circuit, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” she told Femme Fatales. Surprisingly, Emmanuelle did fairly conservative ads for department stores, not work for Wonderbra although she remains their best customer. The positive vibes from Japan stayed with her even after Emmanuelle moved to movies, she told the magazine.

“I love Japan and I was speaking to the producers of Saw yesterday and I said ‘Look, if you’re doing a press tour, I don’t care where you go but if you’re going to Japan I’m coming. Even if you don’t invite me I’ll just show up in Tokyo so you might as well send me the invite.”

But Emmanuelle's biggest break came in a TV movie that no one else remembers, The Halfback of Notre Dame on Showtime. She credits the appearance with opening doors, especially in her native Vancouver, a center of movie and television production. "I kind of jumped to the head of the line. I was really lucky," Emmanuelle told Eh! magazine.

Emmanuelle had an over-the-top run on One Tree Hill as bad girl Nicky, and got clobbered in a brief catfight with the bigger Hilarie Burton as Peyton. "We spent 11 hours doing that scene and that was another one of those days where I left and the next day I felt like I’d been hit by a truck," Vaugier told Femme Fatales. "But we had a blast.”

In addition to her recurring roles on that Smallville and Veronica Mars, Emmanuelle has also had several guest appearances on shows, including The Outer Limits, Higher Ground, and Charmed. Vaugier played a sexy, but tormented werewolf on Supernatural, and proved to audiences that even sexy werewolves can be tormented. Many of these productions filmed in and around Vancouver.

Playing a bad girl in The Water's Edge, Emmanuelle unexpectedly got to win a catfight against good girl Chandra West. But in real life, Vaugier admitted, “I wasn’t very happy about that in the end because I got pretty banged up.” After grappling with the bigger and shapelier West, slightly built Emmanuelle conceded that "the next day I felt like I’d worked out at the gym for 20 hours straight. I had a lot of bruises on my body.”

Emmanuelle showed little or nothing in a dark skinny dipping scene in that movie with Nathan Fillion, and did not enjoy the experience. “It was freezing,” she said of her midnight jump in the lake. “I had a body suit on, a wet suit for the lower half of my body but it was so cold, and it was June or July when we shot it in the summer but we were up in the mountains so it wasn’t like tropical heat.”

Playing one of the call girls in another cable movie, Call Me: The Rise and Fall of Heidi Fleiss, Emmanuelle Vaugier provided a brief bit of nudity, showing her small but cute buns so that the star, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, did not have to bare anything. As research, Emmanuelle said, she read Fleiss' book, but "I refused to buy it... on principle."

Emmanuelle had a recurring role on Two and a Half Men, the CBS hit sitcom in which she plays Mia, a ballet teacher who was the object of former star Charlie Sheen's attraction. She also appeared in a movie of the week, Veiled Truth for the Lifetime Network, which as a company has a restraining order against Charlie Sheen.

While steadily working, Emmanuelle's parts have remained small in major pictures. Although Vaugier had many scenes in Secondhand Lions, they were flashbacks with Christian Kane, with no dialogue as Michael Caine provided voiceover. Her miniscule role in 40 Days was limited to showing her tiny tits, although considering how dismal the rest of the movie was that might have been a blessing in disguise.

Emmanuelle's slasher film credits include Addison in Saw II and IV. Among her many other horror and sci-fi films, little Emmanuelle also provided a little bit of nudity in The Demon Within, aka The Sculptress, where Vaugier's slight curves contrasted greatly with the enormous fake ones of Katriona Browne as her roommate. She played the lead in the movie of Painkiller Jane. but did not continue the part in the subsequent, brief TV series.

Emmanuelle also did a comedic turn as a hitwoman in Blonde and Blonder opposite Pam Anderson and Denise Richards, which was notable mainly for Vaugier bending over while wearing a skintight catsuit. In the minor Canadian film Unearthed, Vaugier played Annie, the alcoholic sheriff of a small rural desert town. Despite the unlikely conceit and very poor special effects, Vaugier's performance is among her best, much better than the material. She also appears in the video game, Need for Speed: Carbon, as Nikki.

Maxim magazine featured her on the cover of the February 2006 issue in the U.S., with the caption "Don't miss this girl; she's gonna be huge." Three months later, she landed spot #31 on their annual Hot 100 list. Unfortunately, Vaugier was unable to translate the magazine hype into acting success. After three largely underused years on CSI:NY,Emmauelle's character was abruptly killed off and she was fired in 2009. At the time, Vaugier attributed it to cost cuts. But the show quickly added Sarah Carter, a much blonder, somewhat younger and slightly more voluptuous Canadian, to replace Emmanuelle. Now in her mid 30s, Emmanuelle remained gracious about her time with what she called the "Bruckheimer family."

Although her part as Mia went nowhere, Emmanuelle also has kind words for Two and a Half Men. The role "'lends itself to a bit more of my personality, and it's more of a playfulness I like to have in my life," she told Click. Initially intimidated by filming before a live audience, Emmanuelle said she grew to enjoy it. Vaugier acknowledged that not all her roles have been enjoyable, but managed to be classy even about less successful appearances. "There are a couple that I’ve regretted taking, but I feel like you learn from everything that you do. Even if it’s not the best experience, it’s something that you can look back on.

Emmanuelle partially rebounded with a recurring role as an FBI agent on Human Target. Although she showed good chemistry with star Mark Valley, the show vanished. But Emmanuelle kept busy, shooting the bilingual Canadian comedy French Immersion in the spring of 2010, and a recurring role as a reporter on Covert Affairs on the USA Network.

Vaugier also has made several appearances on the Canadian series Lost Girl. In coming movies, she has a supporting role in Where the Road meets the Sun, a story of immigrants in LA.

Emmanuelle has a lead in yet another horror movie, Bind, and previously wrapped two more sci-horror opuses, Dolan's Cadillac and Hysteria, a slasher film not to be confused with the batty 1998 horror movie she made opposite Patrick McGoohan and Amanda Plummer, where Emmanuelle was extensively topless and tiny. A review of that movie on celebrity nude database praised Vaugier's commitment to her, um, art, saying that in one scene, "her little titties are jiggling all over the place (as much as small boobs can jiggle at least)."

But of all her miniatures, Emmanuelle is proudest of her toy poodles.

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