Erica Cerra

Erica Cerra
Erica Cerra is a beautiful Canadian actress who has made a name on television, especially on sci-fi shows, many shot in her native Vancouver. Erica is probably best known as Josefina (Jo) Lupo, deputy sheriff and then corporate head of security on ''Eureka'', which launched in 2006 on Syfy.


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Erica Cerra
Vancouver British Columbia
Great Hair Piercing Eyes Perfect Ass Olive Skin Doesn't Need Makeup To Look Smokin' Hot

Erica Cerra is a beautiful Canadian actress who has made a name on television, especially on sci-fi shows, many shot in her native Vancouver.

Erica is probably best known as Josefina (Jo) Lupo, deputy sheriff and then corporate head of security on Eureka, which launched in 2006 on Syfy. The network unexpectedly cancelled the show in August 2011, although its now final season is scheduled to air in 2012.

Erica got her start as a child actress, appearing in many commercials from the time she was 8. After taking a break, she resumed her career at age 22. Erica landed numerous guest roles on TV, although often in roles like "pretty girl" or "attractive woman #1." She landed a minor role in Blade: Trinity with Wesley Snipes, and bit parts as vampires elsewhere.

Still with her original Roman nose, Cerra scored a slightly larger part in Adam & Evil (2004), in which a bunch of unknown 20-something actors pretend to be horny teens, some with a dark secret, and head out to the campground at the lake. You know, the one where those murders happened, with the bad cellphone reception? Erica had some brief bikini scenes, but as the flattest and most brunette of the girls did not fare well.

Moving up in class, Cerra attracted more attention with recurring appearances on The L Word in 2004 and 2006. In two 2006 episodes, Erica played a goth "vampire" les and had a notable sex scene with Leisha Hailey's Alice in the episode "Lifeline."

That marked Erica's one topless appearance to date, but it did not flatter Cerra's tiny titties. Not even a quarter the size of Hailey's bodacious breasts, Erica's chestnuts were overwhelmed by the C/D-cup star. Still, for those who prefer micro-boobies, Erica's looked cute and firm, and provided a dramatic contrast to Hailey's rack.

In other areas, though, 2006 was a big year for Erica. She landed a recurring part on the network's hit Battlestar Galactica. But she also was cast as Jo Lupo, who began as a tough, no-nonsense officer of the law, a good-looking but butch presence on an often fey show.

"I always thought of acting as an opportunity to portray something completely different than what you are and that's what intrigued me," Erica told USA Today about the part. "I love the low-maintenance of it because there's so many opportunities in my lifetime where I'm sure I'll get to play a pretty girl or a crazy girl."

Still, she admitted that whenever she got a break, she "desperately" turned to mascara and eyeliner, or styled her hair "to feel like myself." Syfy is known for shows that began with strong women characters who are then turned fluffy in response to notes from the suits. But while Jo was given an on-and-off romance to soften her, Cerra managed to keep her from being trivialized.

Meanwhile, off-screen, she maintained a relationship with a "regular guy," a truck driver fiancé, as well as an "old lady" hobby, gardening.

Erica won a part in the big-budget fantasy movie, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, released in 2009. Unexpectedly, it was as a senior goddess Hera, wife of Zeus (Sean Bean), although Cerra was one of the younger actresses cast.

The movie comes from a series of children's books, and a second installment has been scheduled. Cerra said she is hopeful she will be cast again.

In 2010, Erica was vocal about her interest in playing Wonder Woman. She told numerous interviewers that she met some of the qualifications."Green eyes, dark hair…done! The big breasts I may be lacking. We can make those happen.” But Adrianne Palicki won the role in David E. Kelley's pilot for NBC. Still, Erica might have been lucky: the show mainly generated controversy for the WW costume, and the network did not buy it.

Instead, Erica took a prominent role in The Stranger, but unfortunately it starred Steve Austin and went straight to video.

Syfy is known for pulling the rug out from under fans with surprise cancellations. After announcing that it had renewed Eureak for a sixth season, the flightly network promptly first said it would be only six episodes, then reversed course and killed the order. Because the fifth season, which was being shot in 2011, ended with one of the series' trademark cliffhangers, the network then agreed to add an episode to tie up loose ends.

"Unfortunately, I think it was financial," Cerra told The Hollywood Reporter of the reasoning behind the cancellation. But she added she is happy the show's loyal fans will get a wrap-up.

As for her own plans, "There are so many things I want to do, so many places I want my career to go," Erica said. But she added, "As of right now, I am available for work!"

Perhaps less work than anticipated, because in May 2012, Erica gave birth to her first child with husband Raffaele Fiore, a daughter, Talia Serafina. Shortly before, she reflected on her time on the show, telling Ian Spelling, "No matter how many acting classes you take or how many coaching sessions you get, it'll never be anything like the experience you get when you work in the actual environment. Working with Colin Ferguson was wonderful. He knows his stuff, and he was kind enough to share all of his knowledge and not let me just flop."

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Erica Cerra short biography | E simple answers Erica Cerra is a Canadian actress, best known for her portrayal of Deputy Jo Lupo on the Syfy series Eureka. Born: October 31, 1979 (age 34), Vancouver, Canada Nationality: Canadian Height: 1.64 m. Spouse: Raffaele Fiore ...

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