Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood
==Introduction== Since beginning her career early, Evan Rachel Wood has become of one of America's best-regarded young actresses, with prominent roles in film, TV, and theater actress. She sings, too.


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Evan Rachel Wood Introduction

Since beginning her career early, Evan Rachel Wood has become of one of America's best-regarded young actresses, with prominent roles in film, TV, and theater actress. She sings, too. But Evan also has become notorious for her bad girl lifestyle offscreen, especially her intermittent relationships with much older shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Very thin, Evan's body is as androgynous as her name, and to no one's surprise she came out as bisexual in April 2011, about the time she had a nude scene in Mildred Pierce. She has a recurring role as the vampire queen in HBO's True Blood, starring Anna Paquin.

Evan Rachel Wood Life Story

Wood was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, to a family of actors, which is more entertaining than being raised by wolves. Wolves are limited in their ability to communicate, and do not have much of a sense of dramatic structure. After her parents divorced in 1996, Evan moved with her mother to Los Angeles.

After an early life of much acting in school and community theater, Wood appeared in several made for TV movies. Evan began attracting notice in the late 1990s with several TV roles, including American Gothic and Once and Again. Her first major screen role was Digging to China, which starred Kevin Bacon. Wood remembers the role as initially being “hard,” but notes that it eventually led to her decision that this is something she “might never want to stop doing.”

Wood's breakthrough movie role followed, with the controversial 2003 indie film Thirteen, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination. She then went on to do Ron Howard’s The Missing opposite [[Cate Blanchett]], and followed up with Pretty Persuasion, Down in the Valley, and Running with Scissors. Nonetheless, Wood stated that she prefers music to movies and is planning to launch a singing career. She also was initially involved with Julie Taymor’s disastrous Spider-Man: The Musical".

In 2007, Wood's relationship with Marilyn became public, and a collective “Gaaaaaaaagh!!!” could be heard among Wood’s fan base. In November 2008, the couple called it quits. And there was much rejoicing. In December 2008, and again in January 2009, Wood vehemently denied that she was dating Mickey Rourke, her co-star in The Wrestler (2008). She said on her blog, "He's too old for me. Nothing ever happened and nothing ever will." And another loud cheer went up. Wood and Manson got back together in 2010, got engaged, then called the whole thing off. And it was at this point when most people stopped caring.

Throughout this period, Evan became known for her changing looks, especially a rotation of hair colors. While Wood is usually very pretty, some of these variations generated criticism, especially when she went semi-Goth in apparent homage to Manson. Her jet-black locks overwhelmed her fair skin. Evan earned much more praise emulating Veronica Lake, with long, wavy blonde or strawberry looks and 1940s fashion. Wood herself told Glamour that "long structured pieces look best on my tall flat-chested body."

But in 2011, she abruptly cut her hair short, and was initially seen wearing it up in a butch style to reinforce her self-proclaimed bisexuality. She told Esquire that she enjoys being boyish and being "dominant" with other women. After this burst of self-publicity, though, Wood brushed her hair down for a more feminine, pixie style.

Evan was technically topless in Across the Universe but offered only a glimpse of her teeny, tiny tits from across the room. She was considerably more exposed at the end of Mildred Pierce, in which she took over as the insufferably spoiled daughter of Kate Winslet's title character. Considering this as her first nude scene, Wood credited the veteran Winslet for helping her through it. Kate told the ``Los Angeles Times that Wood was "very nervous" about it, with some reason.

Compared to Winslet's nudity in the series, Evan's scene makes it painfully obvious that breasts have skipped a generation in the Pierce family. Wood's most prominent feature is her ribs. But Evan's fans, or those who prefer their women at size 0 or less, she is seen getting out of bed, walking across a room and sitting brushing her hair, all nude, then being chased and throttled by Winslet while wearing only a flimsy robe. At least one reviewer said Evan looked stunning.

Celebrating her 24th birthday in Paris in 2011, Wood reportedly had a tooth knocked out in a nightclub. But it was described as the result of a dance-floor accident, not an altercation.

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