Frankie Sandford

Frankie Sandford
===Biography=== Frankie Sandford is a member of the UK girl group The Saturdays. She first found fame in S Club Juniors back in 2002.


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Upminster Essex England
United Kingdom
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Frankie Sandford is a member of the UK girl group The Saturdays. She first found fame in S Club Juniors back in 2002. She continued singing after the band split and has been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along – and here it is.

She says it how it is and she’s a take you or leave you kind of girl. She loves going to gigs and hates it when people make noise while they’re eating - “I always have to say something”. She loves men and will openly check out any handsome guys that walk past, and it’s safe to say that most men will find they’ve met their match in her. When it comes to guys she likes scruffy musician types and is most likely to find her perfect partner at a festival. She’s a perfectionist and she currently has an obsession with chocolate croissants.

  • Five words that describe you best: Messy, Mischievous, Caring, Witty, Original.
  • Favourite Food: Salt popcorn and Cadburys Rich Tea biscuits, I even make special journeys to places to get these and am currently stuffing one in now! Haha…
  • Favourite band/popstars: At the moment there are quite a few, The Shins, The Bronx, City and Colour, Kings of Leon, Imogen Heap, Amy Winehouse, Blondie, Pat Benatar.
  • Most embarrassing moment so far: We were learning a dance where we had to be a bit sexy. As I was doing my best Beyoncé strut, my foot slipped from underneath me. Along with all my hotness!
  • Most exciting thing about being in The Saturdays: Doing what I love as a job! What could be better?!
  • Favourite Saturday night out: Going out when everyone’s back from uni and dancing all night.
  • Favourite Saturday night in: Having a ‘gathering’, as I like to call them. A small select few of my good mates with music and yummy food!
  • Favorite 5 items in my wardrobe: My Vintage Burberry Trench coat, I’ve wanted one for so long. My Converse, they are so wrecked but I love them that way. My amazingly high peep-toed shoes from Topshop, they make me sooo tall. A jumper that I’ve “borrowed” from my Dad that he’s had since he was my age. I now wear it as a dress! My Nautical t-shirt and high wasted shorts, I wear them all the time at the moment!
  • My worst fashion disaster was: I went to a rave and wore the most hideous outfit. I looked like superman in a tutu! Don’t even get me started on my hair and make-up!
  • Favourite film: Centre Stage, it makes you want to be a dancer.
  • Fave book: Nylon magazine, not a book but I love it!
  • I am unique and special because…: Even if I tidy my room, by the time I’ve got dressed my room is a state!
  • I think The Saturdays sound most like….: No one! We sound like Frankie, Mollie, Vanessa, Rochelle and Una!
  • Where will we be in five years time….: 2013! Blimey I’ll be 24!
  • My motto: Be cool stay in school!! Haha…
  • The band's motto: Stick together and be yourself!
  • Best concert: Enter Shikari. It was my one time in the mosh pit, it felt amazing!
  • Favourite all time Album: I don’t really listen to it now, but Enter Shikari reminds me of having loads of fun in my Emo stage!
  • Favourite Brand (clothing/cosmetics): There are loads of designers I love. But for now I stick with Topshop and Vintage shops. Make up is always YSL, Mac and Kerastace hair products.
  • Favourite subject at school: I loved English because my teacher was awesome.
  • Favourite day of the week: I’m a big fan of Friday. It’s always a good night out and it’s only the beginning of the weekend! And of course SATURDAY!!!
  • Favourite song: Save your Scissors by City and Colour. It’s such a lovely song and I love the lyrics.
  • Favourite TV show: America’s Next Top Model and I’m a secret fan of the Discovery Channel.
  • Secret Crush: It wouldn’t be a secret if I told you. Ha ha...
  • Must have fashion accessory: A huge baggy bag and long gold necklace.
  • Biggest fear: SICK! Anything to do with it, being sick seeing it, hearing it, smelling it! Arghhhh!
  • Favourite thing to do with friends: Go to festivals. Its always sunny, you get to watch your fave bands and hang out for the whole weekend!
  • Do you play any musical instruments? Guitar and a little Piano. I used to play the Cello, it was bigger than me!!
  • How would you spend the perfect Saturday? I’d be with my friends hanging out in the sun and having a laugh with good music.

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