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  • Daniela Gil

    Daniela Gil

    UPDATE!!! Amazing new Daniela Gil gallery and video at www.bumblegirls.com

  • Preta Gil

    Preta Gil

    = Biografia =

    Em vez de fotos nuas, uma fantasia de Mulher-Maravilha, usada durante a gravação de um videoclipe nos Arcos da Lapa. A imagem, ousada porém discreta, usada por Preta Gil no encarte de seu segundo CD, Preta (Geléia Geral), dá uma boa idéia das mudanças por que a filha

  • Sandra Marin Gil
  • Carrie-Anne Moss

    Carrie-Anne Moss


    Carrie-Anne Moss looks fantastic in skin-tight leather. Son of a bitch, if that isn't enough to please a man, nothing will. She's also one of the few Canadians we don't hate.

    Life Story

    Carrie-Anne Moss grew up in her birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She was born on August

  • Maribel Verdu

    Maribel Verdu

    Maribel Verdú is a Spanish actress. She is perhaps best known to English-speaking audiences playing the roles of Luisa in the 2001 film, Y tu mamá también and Mercedes in Guillermo del Toro's 2006 film Pan's Labyrinth. In her native Spain, like Ariadna Gil, she is admired for her highly